1. Page 2 of Centro #3, the issue I am co-writing and drawing.

    Catch up at tommycentro.com !

  2. Some Batmans I drew at my drawing night while lamenting the fact that I’m not Bruce Timm, David Mazzucchelli, or John Paul Leon.

  3. My first page of Centro #3 is up!

    Catch up at tommycentro.com !

  4. Panel from my upcoming work on the third issue of Tommy Centro. I’m drawing AND co-writing, which is super exciting.

    Updates start this wednesday at tommycentro.com

  5. jdprocrastinates:

    Some more of Chris Beckett’s amazing colors from VIRGIL. I’m working on the last issue now — should be done with it in about a week. I’ll miss this book.

  8. Some pencils in progress from the final issue of Virgil.

  9. Gert and Nico from Runaways.