1. A Virgil drawing that I wanted to get a scan of before I erased it. Liked the drawing, but thought of a better storytelling option for the panel. It happens!

  2. jdprocrastinates:

    Support the Just Another Sheep Kickstarter!

    Basically, Mat has been funding this book all by his lonesome and needs the assist to get the last two issues out into the world. It’s a low, attainable goal. We have some pretty cool pledge rewards, including pdfs of past work by the creative team and sketches/original art from yours truly.


  3. Some cropped panels from THE RING, one of my favorite stories I’ve gotten the opportunity to illustrate. Read it here:


  4. Whew. Scan of my sanhan commission.

  5. jdprocrastinates:

    Me and the gigantic San Hannibal commission I finished yesterday for dirtyriver.tumblr.com. Gotta get a good scan.

  6. San Hannibal commission progress

  7. Unused pink and blue variants for my San Hannibal # 2 cover.

  8. jdprocrastinates:

    I’ll post this again at normal people hours tomorrow.

    Creepy Elizabeth sketch to commemorate Burial at Sea ep 2 releasing.

    Reblogged with a cleaner scan.

  9. jdprocrastinates:

    "Do you like hurting people?"

    Colored the Hotline Miami art! Had a lot of fun with this one — pink and seafoam up the wazoo.

    Still my most popular tumblr post! Fortunately, though, I at least like the drawing that everybody else did.

  10. San Hannibal sketches I did while talking to Dan Schkade at ECCC. Weird to come back to old designs with new ideas.