1. jdprocrastinates:

    Some more of Chris Beckett’s amazing colors from VIRGIL. I’m working on the last issue now — should be done with it in about a week. I’ll miss this book.

  4. Some pencils in progress from the final issue of Virgil.

  5. Gert and Nico from Runaways.

  7. A short, personal story that is currently without a title. Wanted to write and draw something between Virgil issues.

  8. Yesterday I sat in a bar and eat pizza while drawing Batman and Spider-Man. I AM AN ADULT.

  9. BLAMMO. Gory page from Virgil #3.

  10. jdprocrastinates:

    Photo reference theater!

    I was gonna make a post about how silly my photoreference always looks, but shooting this late night in my complex’s lobby/art gallery made them pretty neat. Oops!